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Champagne, macarons, roses, oil massage and more...

Chocolate-Covered Strawberries, chocolates, macarons... and more, Delivered at any hotel and Airbnb in Paris.

Strawberry coated with chocolate: 39€

20 strawberries coated with chocolate.

Pastry macarons : 18€

7 Assortment of pastry makers macaroons.

Red roses: 39€

10 Red roses, a memorable romantic evening the best way possible. 

Chocolate Box: 22€

Assortment of chocolate candies 18 pieces, pralines and Ganaches varied.
85% dark chocolate candies and 15% chocolate milk candies.
By Frank Kestener, Meilleur Ouvrier de France in 2004, Team World Pastry Champion in 2006
120g minimum

Flowers bouquet: 49€

According to the deliveries we receive throughout the day, freshness, our florists assemble your bouquets.
A tall, generous bouquet for guaranteed success!
Height: 40 cm

Massage oil: 24€

The Bijoux Indiscrets aroma penetrates the senses and takes them to another level. Based on a secret formula inspired by the Kama Sutra, notes of jasmine, hardwood and spices, sweet rose and an exotic touch of ylang-ylang combine to create a unique essence with an intense aphrodisiacal power. 

Content: Scented Massage Oil (100 ml).

100 Artificial Silk Petals: 12€

A memorable romantic evening the best way possible. 

Pack of 6 Led Candles: 15€

6 Led candles in their jar lasting 30 hours for a dim and relaxing light.

Silver pearl handcuffs: 28€

The battle of seduction has begun; prepare to fight skin to skin with Désir Métallique, metal mesh handcuffs when on the battlefield; unique bracelets to wear for any occasion.

Content: metallic mesh handcuffs.

Shhh - blindfold: 18€

You need only to close your eyes to step into a world of sensation.

Shhh is much more than just a blindfold – it’s an invitation to irresistible suspense and fantasy. On the double sided ribbon, there are different messages – one to unleash your most ardent fantasies (Ohhh) and one for your more secret side (Shhh)

Lucky love dice: 10€

Where will the dice fall? Sometimes, love is a matter of chance. Use these dice to discover how lucky you are in love. Bijoux Indiscrets’ dice game has been designed so you can personalize it: you control the intensity of the game every time.

Contents: 3 dices – 3 sets of 9 repositionable stickers with body parts, actions and places.

Anna mask: 17€

When the sun goes down your other self is revealed. Enjoy a night of seduction among the shadows with Bijoux Indiscrets Masks.
Her sweet appearance will make you lower your guard. When you least expect it, you will find yourself drawn into his world of seduction.

Content: Vinyl mask and reusable stickers

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